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Dry Time : 1 second dry time

Retention : 8-9 weeks

Fumes Level : Low

Best if kept & used in humidity 30%-70%

Best if kept & used in temperatures between 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit

Long lasting adhesive, Oil-proof, Waterproof, Sweat proof

The adhesive should be shaken before each use. Shake for 30 seconds to ensure ingredients are well mixed

How To Care For The Glue Nozzle :

Wipe the nozzle of the glue with Bling Barbiee's “Wipe Me Down” Adhesive Wipes after every use. This will keep the adhesive from gathering on the nozzle, which can cause the glue top to clog. The glue nozzle is also important to keep clean as it will affect the dispensing and longevity of glue

Can be used for :

Classic Lashing, Volume Lashing, Easy Fan Volume Lashing, Mega Volume Lashing, Pre-Made Volume Lashing, Pro-Made Volume Lashing

Adhesive Storage : Store in Bling Barbiee’s Lash Glue Tank

“Stuck on Bling” Lash Adhesive

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